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RE: YEAH! Free Stuff!!

From: Jeff Dedrick & Liz Tomey

Dear Warrior...

If you're here on this page chances are you are a member of the Warrior Forum, and chances are you see the true value in Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) and have bought 1 or 100 of them. :) They are pretty addictive because of the great information you can get at such a low price!

Although Warrior Special Offers are usually inexpensive and are very high in value, Jeff Dedrick and I (Liz Tomey) want to blow the top off of things here and reward you for every WSO you buy!

Here's what we want to do for you...

When you grab your membership to below, you can login to your member's area and see a listing of WSOs that we stand behind and think will be useful to you in building your online business. There's literally something there for everyone in any business model!

You then simply select the WSOs you want, buy them through our links on the site, and then we give you credits for every purchase that you can use to claim the hundreds of bonuses we have.

And these aren't just crap bonuses we've thrown in here. We're talking about amazing products that other people are having to PAY to get...

Things like...
... our own products that we have personally created!

... our own WSOs that we personally create!

... WSOs from other marketers!

... coaching programs that we run!

... tons of products that come with resell rights, master resell rights, and private label rights!

... services to help you build your biz!

... and so so so much more!
And you wont have to spend years, months, or even weeks trying to collect enough credits to get one little bonus...

Depending on what WSO you buy you'll get 1-50 credits... (some of the high ticket items will pay you a BUNCH of credits) Most of the bonuses only cost 1 credit, a few cost 2-3 credits, and only things like services and actual coaching prorgrams are going to cost you any more than that. Like if I have a $1000 coaching program in there it would probably cost 40 credits or more.

Here's an example... You login to the site and let's say you buy a $10 WSO, and that particular WSO pays you 2 credits. You could get 2 other bonuses worth $50 or more.

Like say you are wanting a few of my $50 courses. If you bought one of the WSOs that paid you 1 credit, and my $50 course was 1 credit, you basically have paid $10 to get the WSO you wanted, and got my $50 course for free!

Are you getting excited yet? is your one stop place to find out about the latest and greatest WSOs out there, grab a ton of killer bonuses, and keep track of your WSO purchases and products you get with your credits all in one central location!

To show you exactly how this system works, Jeff has done a video tutorial showing you just how easy it is to rack up credits for all the bonuses you could ever want...

As you can see from the video above getting a membership to is super easy, and way more than worth it. I mean where else can you go and get seriously killer bonuses for doing what you already do... Buying WSOs.

But not only are you going to get a ton of credits to use on stuff like coaching, high ticket products, PLR products, etc, when you buy WSOs, but you'll also get access to...

This could really save you some serious money! Once a week either Jeff or I will write a review on a popular WSO and let you know what they REALLY think about it.

We've been around the block a time or two and know what is working, what's not working, and what's just plain crap!

Our reviews will be very detailed and we'll tell you what the product is about, what it includes, who it's for, and if it's even worth buying. These will be very candid reviews with nothing held back... Not just reviews to make you buy. :)

You'll also be able to comment on every review and leave your thoughts and opinions too!

So by becoming a member right now you'll get...

Credits when you purchase WSOs through our links that you can use towards bonuses from Jeff and I including, but not limited to coaching, high ticket products, business services, PLR products, and more.

You're going to be getting a lot more bang for you buck thanks to us!

Access to reviews so you know exactly what each WSO is about, and if it's worth it or not. This will save you tons of time and money!

So I guess I don't need to drive home the point that this offer is beyond killer, and you need to act right now and get your membership to But just to ease your mind more, look at what your fellow Warriors are saying about their membership!

Okay, are you ready to get free stuff for every WSO you buy through our site? To finally REALLY get the most bang for your buck? Then simply choose one of the membership options below so you can get instant access to your member's area and enjoy all the benefits!

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2 Free WSO Coupons From Jeff And Liz

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Credits For Purchases

WSO Reviews Access

Special Bonuses

2 Free WSO Coupons From Jeff And Liz

Double Credits For Purchases